Thursday, April 26, 2012

SCM with my KMS

One word, AWESOME ! Many things happened but the most remembered one, " Wey, kasut aku terbang. " haha. We watched Street Dance 2. The movie is like really hot and sexy, OUCH !

These are our pictures. ;)

First, i bought new boots for the special day at the special place next week. Hee RM89.90 only ! Quite cheap aren't they?

This is Krystal. We ate Nandos. It was the first time okay? I never eat Nandos before. The chicken was DELICIOUS ! Speechless i was ;)

Comel kan kami? I just love her ! ;)

Lastly, after watching movie, Starbucks really help my eyes to be functioning back. Haha. *The movie made my eyes hardly to close. 

Hijab from Infigacy
Blouse from EDK Collection
Skirt from Modish Mode House

The pictures do tell a lot aren't they? Let the remaining remains in our heart and mind.
Assalamualaikum ;)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Red enough huh?

Sneak peek for the outfit tomorrow guys !

I'm going to hangout with Krystal Marian Stephen tomorrow and i am freaking excited. I MISS HER actually. We haven't met since last semester break. OMA ! I must see her ;)

And for the record, i'll wear these for tomorrow.

p/s : Wait for the full pictures in tomorrow post ;) 

First post for my new simple blog

Assalamualaikum everyone. How are you today?

This is my new blog. Brand new blog from me, Suhaili Salleh. I'm 20 from Penang and everyone call me Elly. Simple isn't it?

This is me, really chubby me. Hee

Shawl from Infigacy
Dress from Kaki Shopping
Bag from Charles & Keith

Okay done for my first post. :)