Thursday, April 26, 2012

SCM with my KMS

One word, AWESOME ! Many things happened but the most remembered one, " Wey, kasut aku terbang. " haha. We watched Street Dance 2. The movie is like really hot and sexy, OUCH !

These are our pictures. ;)

First, i bought new boots for the special day at the special place next week. Hee RM89.90 only ! Quite cheap aren't they?

This is Krystal. We ate Nandos. It was the first time okay? I never eat Nandos before. The chicken was DELICIOUS ! Speechless i was ;)

Comel kan kami? I just love her ! ;)

Lastly, after watching movie, Starbucks really help my eyes to be functioning back. Haha. *The movie made my eyes hardly to close. 

Hijab from Infigacy
Blouse from EDK Collection
Skirt from Modish Mode House

The pictures do tell a lot aren't they? Let the remaining remains in our heart and mind.
Assalamualaikum ;)


  1. mesti ank owg kaya nie
    brg lehh kata kan mhal gak la^^

  2. mana ada kaya pon ;) biasa2 ja dear hehe

  3. you look naturally sweet, and you got a very nice attire too ;)