Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A vacation to Korea #Part 1

Assalamualaikum everyone ! Here it is. Setelah sekian lama tak udate blog, I'm finally back. Hee. Okay now, all of you know that i went to Korea with my beloved SH's family. *by facebook HAHA. Don't you want to know the details?

First, i was very excited at the night. I just can't sleep, me and Farah actually. She was packing her things and i was, "Fara, OMG!! we will go to Korea tomorrow ! How weird is that?" Every single time i said that. What the hack ! HAHA and we keep talking, we talked, chit chat and all. And we fall asleep. Zzzzzz..

And taraa.. Its morning everyone. I was so excited like really really really excited. Faster in bathing, wearing lens, put on clothes, everything ! Not only me. All of them too, hee. Our flight was at 2.30 pm but we must check in early. So we went to the airport early. We reached at the airport at 12.00 pm i think.

There we were, at the airport.

Then, we were in the plane for 6 hours and 10 minutes. In the plane, OMA ! Speechless. One word, BORED ! We were bored to death. We read the magazines, we ate the soups, we went to the toilets, we fall asleep, but we were not there yet. HAHA. However, not long after that we reached at the Incheon Airport safely. :) Alhamdulillah.

Look at his face, " Yayyyy, finally i reach at the airport. fuh ! " HAHA

Then, we met our tour guy, Brian. He is freaking 46 years old but he seems 27 years old. Believe me, seriously. Wait for his picture okay? He brought us straight away to the hotel at the Incheon. We reached there in 15 minutes approximately and like always we were really excited. But not only us okay? Haha.. Syukri's mom too. HAHA Look at her.

After the check-in process and all, we finally can get into our room. Fuhh ! 1 room for 2 persons. So i chose Farah. Of course ! Haha. And for your attention the room was awesome. Really awesome ! Seriously.

The bathroom. AWESOME isn't it? :D

This two bed was only for two person. Believe me or not? HAHA

Fara and I took two hours from our sleep time in the bathtub. Chit chat about everything. I will never forget about this moment. *I miss you Fara. Muah !

Done for the first part. And don't worry, the second will come right away after this :)

p/s : Please everyone, my English is so bad but i'm trying here. Help me okay? Hee


  1. serious sis pegi korea?best nya

  2. Yes. serious laa.. :) Nanti tunggu post part 2 tau. Ada dekat Nami Island :)

  3. Elly... p korea ambik pakage cuti2 mlysia or sdn bhd with fmly hbby? Just nk thu cz tringin nk p sana....

    1. Tatau la ni semua family dia yg uruskan huhu elly ikut je. hee