Sunday, May 27, 2012

Extraordinary necklace

                   Assalamualaikum guys, dah lama tak blogging kan? Okay now, since everyone thought that the guy in this entry, in that one picture is my hubby. HAHA. Handsome kan? Memang memangg.. Haaaaaaa

But wait ! NO NO NO. That is my brother. The another one also is my brother. So they are my lovely brothers, not my hubby, boyfriend or what so ever called. :)

Jadi, kali ni punya entry memang special punya. Elly nak share pasal satu rantai yang memang awesome, superb and wow wow. Wooohoooo ! HAHA.

Cantik kan? Hee. :D

My hubby bought this for me. That purple 'love' shape is amethyst. One of the beautiful gem stones in the world. I just love this necklace as much as i love him. Yes, and not forget about my ring. Hee. I still wear it until now. :)

And this is my hubby, my Syukri Harish. Jangan tersilap lagi okay? :)

Ni dekat one of the halal meat restoran kat Korea :)

p/s : To infinity and beyond, i'll love you Syukri Harish.


  1. Nila nk jdi hby btl2 nie.... sweeet la korunk ni... rantai tue cam lam titanic lak... hehee

    1. HAHAHA eh titanic punya besar.. elly punya kecik je. Hee insyaAllah kalau ada jodoh tak ke mana :)