Saturday, June 23, 2012

My shining stars

Assalamualaikum again guys !
How did you spend your awesome Saturday? My last one was superb ! I spent my Saturday with my shining stars ! Everyone got SMART GEN'12 at Tasik Titiwangsa but we've got nothing to do HAHA ( ehem, dah tahun 3 kan? tengok2 sajaaa Hee )

For this lovely shining sun of day, I was wearing the simplest outfit ever ! Bright pink tudung bawal, long sleeves shirt, black pants and my 5 years old sandal. Heee. But it worth enough for that hot sunny long day with my lovely awesome friends !

Here are our pictures. Let seeee Hmm ;)

Tiup tak keluar-keluar pun ! HAHA :D

Yang pakai baju oren tu krew SMART GEN tapi menyibuk dekat kami haaa Hee

Heee :D

Weeeehuuuuuwwwwww :D
( I'm the one taking the picture, so i was not inside. Hee )

Then, that's me! ;)
*Muka macam tak pernah naik bot jee. Heee


  1. oh my, seronoknya pergi kat tasik titiwangsa tu... wahhh, happy friendship syg... ^.^