Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Lush darlings

Assalamualaikum readers. Hai hai hai ! :D

Hm.. let see. On 3rd July of 2012, my lushes darlings and me went to KLCC. Come and look at the pictures. It was not a long period of outing, but we enjoyed much !

Our 'niat' at first was to eat this nyum nyum Heee.

But it came to these. HAHA. WE LOVE TAKING PICTURES ! yaaayy ! :D

Meet Eva and Sara :)

 Ehem that lady in white long dress is Wanie! :)

There's Timo ! :D

 Thanx Eva for capturing this :)

Our pictures ! :) Dekat Kinokuniya je pon HAHA

p/s : Dari pukul 8 sampai 10 malam je ni Hee :D

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